Lessons from the Great War – Failure of leadership

Tuesday, 1 July 2014
CEPS Commentaries
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In his reflections on the intervening century since the start of the First World War, Erwan Fouéré acknowledges that the EU has brought enormous benefits to its citizens by extending the frontiers of peace and security to include 28 member countries. At the same time, however, he warns that the voices of populism are trying to destroy its very foundations and calls upon the European Union to work much harder at showing that the integration project is both vital and necessary for continued peace and prosperity in Europe.

Erwan Fouéré is Associate Senior Research Fellow at CEPS. Among his most recent appointments prior to joining CEPS, he served as Special Representative for the Irish 2012 Chairmanship of the OSCE and the EU Special Representative and Head of Delegation in the EU External Service in Macedonia. This Commentary also appears as the editorial in the July 2014 issue of European Neighbourhood Watch, Issue No. 106.