The Dano case – Or time for the UK to digest realities about the balance of competences between the EU and national levels

Friday, 14 November 2014
CEPS Commentaries
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The European Court of Justice's new judgment on the Dano case should be reverberating around the UK. In Michael Emerson's view, it shows how national competences can be deftly used to control for 'benefit tourism' without challenging EU law, and that the Court is not acting as the agent of 'EU competence creep', as alleged in the Eurosceptic's stereotype.  

Michael Emerson is Senior Associate Research Fellow at CEPS. His forthcoming book, to be co-published next spring by CEPS and Rowman Littlefield International, and entitled Britain’s Future in Europe – Reform, Renegotiation, Repatriation or Secession’, examines the entire landscape of EU policies from the standpoint of the British debate over its possible in-or-out referendum.