Supporting Fundamental Rights, Privacy and Ethics in Surveillance Technologies (SAPIENT)

February 2011 - January 2014

SAPIENT is a 36-month Collaborative Project that aims to specify how and when smart surveillance should be used (or not) and its characteristics to be effective and scalable to rapidly adapt to changing situations. It will provide stakeholders with a set of criteria for data protection and integrity that can be used to verify that surveillance systems and the sharing of information respect the privacy of citizens.

The project will develop and provide a privacy impact assessment methodology, which is tailor-made for surveillance projects and technology developments and, in so doing, the use of the methodology will provide a means for limiting the collection and storage of unnecessary data. It will focus on the necessity and proportionality of data collection needs to avoid undue threats to data protection and privacy. SAPIENT will pave the way towards an approach of surveillance where the respect of the privacy of the citizen will be central.



Funding source: European Commission, DG Research, Seventh Framework Programme