Religious Diversity and Secular Models in Europe - Innovative Approaches to Law and Policy (RELIGARE)

February 2010 - January 2013

 RELIGARE starts from the idea of equality and how it is challenged by the increasing diversity of religions and other convictions that are transforming Europe into a new type of entity. The Union’s expansion, together with important migration fluxes, partly explains a process of increasing diversity within the EU. Against that background an increasingly number of citizens, many of whom are new EU citizens, hold beliefs and values different from the majority. More generally one observes that individuals and groups today are claiming recognition of their (religious) identity in their family life, in their work place, in the public space, and in the way(s) States provide support to religious and other groupings. These claims sometimes question and disturb the existing models of secularism in Europe and public authorities therefore face demanding challenges, probably more than ever before in history, of establishing social cohesion.

Funding source: European Commission, DG Research, Seventh Framework Programme