Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration (MEDAM)

May 2016 - April 2019

The MEDAM project aims at develop solutions for asylum and immigration policies in the EU and its member states that:

  • allow the EU to meet its humanitarian obligations towards refugees;
  • harness both intra-EU mobility and immigration from third countries for growth and development in countries of origin and destination;
  • recognize the role of labor migration in promoting integration with EU accession and neighborhood countries; 
  • address the migration implications for Europe of population growth and demographic change in Africa and other developing countries;
  • promote the labor market and social integration of immigrants and their descendants, and thereby their contribution to economic growth in Europe.

The partners in the project work together with policy-makers and civil society to identify challenges and draw up action strategies for asylum and migration-related policies in the EU and its member states. Their research focus is on economic issues in three broad areas: i) EU asylum and migration policies; ii) the economic and social integration of immigrants and their contribution to EU prosperity; and iii) the impact of migration on countries of origin and countries of first asylum. In particular, concerning the European Asylum System the following aspects are being studied: understanding refugee protection as an international public good; reforming the EU asylum governance, considering the Commission proposal of Spring 2016 (shortcomings and alternatives); a longer-term view of burden-sharing in asylum policies; and the formation of European and national identities and attitudes towards immigration and a common EU asylum system. Regarding immigrant integration, the MEDAM project is looking at a comprehensive statistical overview of EU regions; determinants of natives’ attitudes towards immigration; evaluation of existing integration policies; determinants of labour market integration and effects of policy interventions; immigrant education gap and host country education policy; and integration and migrant transnationalism. 

Funding source: Stiftung Mercator
Coordinator: Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)
Partners: Migration Policy Center (MPC)
Contact Person: Mikkel Barslund