Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security (CHALLENGE)

June 2004 - May 2009

This Integrated Project seeks to foster more responsive and responsible attitudes towards new systems and practices being adopted in the post-September 11 environment in the field of security with a view towards minimising their threat to civil liberties, human rights and social cohesion in an enlarging Europe. The aim is to help reshape the security framework emerging in Europe to ensure that it starts with liberty/freedom (civil liberties, human rights and social cohesion) as its point of departure. The project will create an interdisciplinary ‘observatory’ to analyse and evaluate the changing relationship between security, stability and liberty in an enlarging EU. The projects aims: - to understand the merging between internal and external security and evaluate the changing character of the relationship between liberty and security in Europe, especially as it expresses a transformation in the sovereign capacity to declare exceptions - to facilitate the assessment of the changing relationship between liberty and security over time in some especially sensitive sites; to look at the different institutions in charge of security (police, intelligence services, military forces and private) - to facilitate and enhance a new interdisciplinary network of scholars across many regions of Europe and from many scholarly disciplines, who have already played a formative role in reconceptualizing and analysing many of the theoretical, political, sociological, legal and policy implications of new forms of violence and political identity; - to bring together a new interdisciplinary network of scholars to work, using a common methodological approach, on the state of exception as illiberal practice and illiberal regimes.


Funding source: European Commission, DG Research Sixth Framework Programme