Our Research Expertise



Topics Researchers
Brexit: Economic impact Daniel Gros
Brexit: Financial aspects Karel Lannoo
Brexit: Demographic aspects Mikkel Barslund
Brexit: Citizenship & migration Sergio Carrera
Brexit: Institutional aspects Steven Blockmans 


Budget & Regional Policy

Topics Researchers
EU Budget Cinzia AlcidiJorge Núñez Ferrer, Roberto Musmeci 
Regional and Cohesion Policies Cinzia Alcidi Roberto MusmeciMattia Di Salvo



Topics Researchers
Digital Economy    
Andrea RendaWilliam EchiksonFelice Simonelli, Antonella Zarra
Cybersecurity Lorenzo Pupillo, Andrea Renda, 
Data Protection & Privacy Sergio Carrera, Andrea Renda
Collaborative Economy and Labour Platforms Willem Pieter De GroenWilliam EchiksonSara Baiocco


Energy, Climate Change & Circular Economy

Topics Researchers
Energy Policy Christian Egenhofer
Climate Change Policy Christian Egenhofer, Milan Elkerbout, Noriko Fujiwara
Circular Economy Vasileios Rizos


Europe in the World and Security

Topics Researchers
EU Enlargement Steven Blockmans,  Loes Debuysere
Eastern Neighbourhood Steven BlockmansLoes Debuysere
EuroMed Economic Relations Cinzia Alcidi
Conflict Prevention
Common Security and Defence Policy
Steven Blockmans Loes Debuysere
Terrorism & Organised Crime Sergio Carrera, Lina Vosyliute 


EU Institutions

Topics Researchers
Reform of the EU Institutions Steven BlockmansSophia Russack
Role of National Parliaments

Sophia Russack


Financial Markets and Institutions

Topics Researchers
Banking Union
Bank Business Models and Ownership Structures
Willem Pieter De Groen 
Asset Management
Capital Markets Union and European Capital Markets
Retail Investment Products & Services
Karel Lannoo, Cosmina Amariei, Apostolos Thomadakis
Retail Credit Markets in Europe
Sylvain Bouyon
Taxation Karel Lannoo, Willem Pieter De Groen



Topics Researchers
Monetary Policy Developments Daniel Gros, Cinzia Alcidi 
Fiscal Policy
EMU Governance
Global Economy & International Macroeconomics
Cinzia Alcidi, Daniel Gros , Alexandra Campmas


Migration and Asylum

Topics Researchers
Migration and Asylum
Refugees and Integration
Border policy
Sergio Carrera, Lina Vosyliute, Marco Stefan, Chun LukRoberto Cortinovis
Economics of Migration  Mikkel Barslund, Mehtap AkgüçAndreas Backhaus


Regulation, Governance and Innovation

Topics Researchers
Better regulation
Impact Assessment
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Innovation policy
Andrea Renda, Felice Simonelli, Mattia Di SalvoAlexandra Campmas
Competition policy
Industrial policy and Sectoral Competitiveness
Andrea Renda, Felice Simonelli




Topics Researchers
Rule of Law, Citizenship and  Human Rights Sergio Carrera, Lina Vosyliute, Marco Stefan, Chun LukRoberto Cortinovis
Area of Freedom
Security and Justice Policy
Sergio Carrera



Single Market and Trade

Topics Researchers
Single Market Jacques Pelkmans
Trade Negotiations, FTAs, SIAs Steven Blockmans, Guillaume Van der Loo
WTO & IPR Weinian Hu,


Social Europe and Education

Topics Researchers
Ageing Societies & Pension Systems Mikkel Barslund
Labour mobility
Labour market
Mikkel BarslundMehtap AkgüçSara Baiocco
Unemployment insurance
Youth unemployment    
Persistent unemployment   
Miroslav Beblavý, Mehtap AkgüçSara Baiocco
Economics of Education
Early-School Leaving
Early Childhood Education and Care
Miroslav Beblavý 


Sustainable Development, Food Security

Topics Researchers
Sustainable Development Andrea Renda, Vasileios RizosJo Swinnen
Food Security Jo Swinnen , Giulia Meloni


Transport & Smart Cities

Topics Researchers
Smart Cities Jorge Núñez Ferrer, Noriko Fujiwara, Cristian Stroia
Transport Policy Christian Egenhofer, Vasileios Rizos, Felice Simonelli