CEPS Summer School 2018 on Economic and Financial Governance of the European Union

Course overview

The CEPS Summer School 2018 on Economic and Financial Governance of the European Union is a week-long training programme that aims to sharpen participants’ understanding of the main challenges facing the EU today. It looks at how decisions are taken at the EU level and considers the practical implications of these challenges for the economy and the financial system. It covers the following areas: 

  • EU economic governance architecture 
  • Structural reforms and economic policies  
  • EU financial governance architecture (European System of FinancialSupervision, Banking Union, and Capital markets union) 
  • Policy implications of major trends in finance (digitalisation, Brexit and climate change) 
  • EU budget  


  • Improve your knowledge of the policy debate, decision-making processes, rationales and institutional design of EU system 
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of current governance issues, how they are addressed and their practical implications for the economy and the financial system 
  • Debate how emerging challenges, within and outside the EU, can affect the future of the Union and its economic performance   


The programme analyses each of these areas from a policy perspective. Lectures and workshops led by Daniel Gros, Cinzia Alcidi, Paul De Grauwe and other CEPS researchers are complemented by lectures and discussions with EU officials and policymakers from the ECB, European Commission, EU Council and European Parliament. Visits to the EU institutions, interactive sessions and games make the week interesting and fun.

Each day offers 8 hours of case studies, discussion groups, lectures and an interactive session or technical seminar – a total of 30 hours of lectures, plus the closing lecture and certificate awards. 

Course Coordinator

Dr Cinzia Alcidi


Target audience

The ideal candidates for the Summer School are academics, civil servants from EU institutions, national ministries, local or regional government agencies, central banks and professionals from the private sector who are interested in learning about real-life economic and financial policy issues within the EMU. 


Requisite qualification

Completion of a Master degree in economics, finance, law or political science. 



Monday, 3 September 2018 to Saturday, 8 September 2018

Venue: CEPS, 1 Place du Congrés, Brussels



€600 for students, academics and EU officials

€1,200 for CEPS members: corporate and institutional members, including central banks, and national governments whose permanent representations are CEPS members

€2,000 for all others

*All fees are subject to VAT (applied at the current Belgian rate of 21%).

Fees include all teaching and lunch from Monday to Saturday. The fees do not include travel costs or accommodation. 


Download the brochure or contact cepsacademy@ext.ceps.eu for more information on the CEPS Summer School.