Policies for an ageing workforce: Work-life balance, working conditions and equal opportunities

CEPS-Eurofound conference jointly with NIESR and FACTAGE project

European societies are ageing, and so are their workforces. Not only is the share of older people in the workforce growing rapidly, people also work until later. However, many older people also exit the labour market prematurely because they are unable to combine work with illness, disability or care commitments, they have become unemployed, or they are not motivated to continue working, sometimes due to poor working conditions. 

This conference firstly examines policies which can prevent such departures, by addressing work-life balance and working conditions. Secondly, it will address the inequalities associated with the diversity among older peoples’ situations in the labour market, and their health and life expectancy. The conference touches upon several of the elements of the ‘framework agreement on active ageing and an intergenerational approach’ approved by EU employers and trade unions in 2017.

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Additional material related to the conference can be found at Eurofound and FACTAGE.

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January 2018



Alojz Peterle
MEP, EPP Group, Vice-Chair of
Intergroup on 'active ageing, intergenerational solidarity and family policies
Barbara Gerstenberger
Head of Unit, Eurofound
Alan Walker
Professor, University of Sheffield
Anne Drouin
Programme Director, ILO
Anne Sonnet
Senior Economist, OECD
Rob Anderson
Head of Unit, Eurofound
Mikkel Barslund
Research Fellow, CEPS
Ruth Paserman
Deputy Head of Cabinet, Commissioner Marianne Thyssen




Daniel Gros
Director, CEPS
Erika Mezger
Deputy Director, Eurofound

Policies for an ageing workforce: Work-life balance, working conditions and equal opportunities

January 2018
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CEPS Conference Room