Inefficient Inequality: The Economic Costs of Gender Inequality in Europe

INTERECONOMICS,Vol 52, No.1 January/February 2017                                                                                                           

Forum: Inefficient Inequality: The Economic Costs of Gender Inequality in Europe                                   

Much attention is given to the existence and measurement of gender inequality, but relatively little attention is given to the economic costs that result from the presence of inequality. This topic was the focus of our November 2016 conference at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. We invited a diverse group of speakers to discuss their research on the costs of inequality in the labour market and beyond. Published here are the conference papers of those proceedings. What is apparent is that while the quest for gender equality is a necessity in itself as a matter of justice and fairness, the existence – and persistence – of inequality has a significant effect on the economic performance of Europe.

Forum: Gender Equality in Decision-Making Positions: The Efficiency Gains

By Paola Profeta

Forum: Gender and Inequality: Austerity and Alternatives

By Diane Perrons

Forum: The Gender Employment Gap: Costs and Policy Responses

By Martina Bisello and Massimiliano Mascherini

Forum: Gender Inequality and Growth in Europe

By Stephan Klasen and Anna Minasyan

Forum: Unlocking the Potential of Greater Female Employment in Europe

By Lone Christiansen, Huidan Lin, Joana Pereira, Petia Topalova and Rima Turk

Editorial: 2017 - The Year of European Populism?

By Clemens Fuest

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