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CEPS News October 2016

Turkey and the EU: Reaching a new tipping point?

Steven Blockmans
Senior Research Fellow and Head of EU Foreign Policy Unit

Turkey is quickly approaching a defining moment in its modern history. After the country was roiled by a failed military coup on July 15th, President Erdoğan declared a state of emergency and his cabinet adopted extraordinary measures that led to a draconian (and apparently premeditated) purge of political opponents. These...

Meeting for the eighth time, the members of the IMCO Working Group on the Digital Single Market (DSM) convened on June 20th to discuss four proposed regulations prepared by the European Commission: geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination, cross-border parcel delivery, consumer protection cooperation and cross-border portability of online services...
The Integrated Programme in European Policy Studies (IPEPS), a new CEPS project offering a broad range of educational activities to Masters-level students, was inaugurated in September with the Summer School dedicated to “An Introduction to EU Economic and Financial Governance”. Some 19 students – each enrolled in Masters-degree programmes in...
For the second year in succession, CEPS Academy has organised a Summer School on Economic and Financial Governance. Since the inception of the financial crisis in 2008, and more importantly since the sovereign debt crisis in 2010, the governance of the euro area has substantially changed. Multi-layered institutions and rules...
CEPS, in the collaboration with LSE Enterprise, Université de Pau and Deloitte, has completed an independent report for the High-Level Group on Own Resources, led by Mario Monti, and entitled "Potential and Limitations of Reforming the Financing of the EU Budget". This report presents an analysis of the underlying debates...
Upcoming events
October 2016
Wednesday 10:00 - 13:00

Traditional media – such as DVDs, CDs and even vinyl – while not entirely surpassed are increasingly giving way to streaming services, a trend that demands amongst other things the availability of ubiquitous broadband. Consumers want the freedom to choose how, where and when they consume audiovisual content.

The way...

October 2016
Friday 12:30 - 13:45



Please note that the event will exceptionally start at 12.30 to 13.45. 

With Registration and sandwich lunch from 12.00.

October 2016
Wednesday 13:15 - 14:30

Financial market infrastructures (FMIs) are the backbone of the financial system: they enable market participants to transact with one another in an efficient manner. FMIs are inherently systemic, as their very names imply: payments systems, central securities depositories (CSDs), securities settlement systems (SSSs), central counterparties (CCPs) and trade repositories (TRs)....

October 2016
Friday 10:00 - 16:30

It is our pleasure to announce the Final Conference of the European Union's 7th Framework Programme project POCACITO. The event will take an interactive format, and will bring together EU stakeholders to discuss how to make post-carbon cities a reality.

The conference will present our experience in...

October 2016
Wednesday 10:00 - 13:00

5G is expected to represent a major leap forward from current telecommunications technologies, including revolutionary changes in radio interfaces and spectrum use. Although still to be defined precisely, 5G networks will be faster, always accessible, more reliable and more efficient in handling a large number of devices for the Internet...

November 2016
Thursday 09:00 - 16:00

Annual CEPS-Intereconomics Conference

Much attention has been given in academic research to the existence and measurement of gender inequality, but relatively little attention has been paid to the costs that result from the presence of inequality. At this conference, researchers, policy-makers and business representatives will discuss the costs and inefficiencies...

These three treaties are very long and complex legal documents, which no-one except directly responsible officials or PhD researchers can be expected to read. Nevertheless, they represent a new model of agreements between the EU and its close neighbours, and the attempt to translate into practice what Romano Prodi described...
Speaking at CEPS on behalf of the Syrian Civil Society Declaration Initiative , Syrian activists Assaad al Achi (Executive Director of Baytna ) and Mutasem Alsyofi (Executive Director of The Day After project) laid out a vision for a post-Assad Syria championed by more than 270 civil society organisations and...
Seven weeks prior to the US presidential elections, CEPS invited Carroll Doherty, Director of Political Research of the Pew Research Center, to reflect on the mood of the American electorate regarding the unusual race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In order to gain a better understanding of what will...
Members of the CEPS Task Force on Improving Fiscal Performance chaired by Professor Enrico Giovannini, former Minister of Labour and Social Policy of Italy, will hold their second meeting on October 17th. Discussions will address three critical questions: i) How to change the member states’ approach to public-sector balance sheets?...

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