Mattia Di Salvo

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Mattia Di Salvo


Mattia is a Researcher at CEPS in the Economic Policy Unit, where he is part of CEPS research team working on the MEDAM project, Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration. His research focuses on EU asylum and migration policy, drivers of migration and decision-making process of migrants. Other Mattia’s research interests are economic development and growth, international trade, and regulation. Mattia holds a M. Sc. in Economics and Business – International Economics at Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, during which he had the opportunity to analyze the dynamics behind MNEs activities, international business and competition, economic growth, poverty and inequality.

M.Sc. in Economics and Business - International Economics at Rotterdam University - Erasmus School of Economics; B.Sc. in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University (Milan)
Italian, English

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