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CEPS News September 2015

Taking TTIP seriously

Jacques Pelkmans
Senior Research Fellow

The EU has concluded many free trade area agreements - at least three such agreements in recent times - that include substantive regulatory elements with developed countries, such as Korea, Canada, and Singapore. Negotiations with Japan on a free trade agreement, emphasising regulatory aspects, are ongoing. Yet TTIP has attracted...

Against the background of the World Expo in Milan, with its core theme of "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", a new CEPS book was launched at a special session of the 29th International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE), which ran August 8th-14th. Entitled The Political Economy of the 2014-2020...
Technology is a powerful driver for change in the world of labour. Two recent but rapidly growing phenomena are of particular interest: the sharing economy and crowd-sourcing. More specifically, we are interested in the labour aspects of the so-called ‘on-demand economy’: Does it lead to a growth in the share...
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The Highlights of CEPS’ activities in 2014-15 include messages from the Chairman and the Executive Committee, the financial report, a selection of our activities and – new this year – a succinct...

Upcoming events
September 2015
Wednesday 09:30 - 12:30

Launch of a new CEPS - Centre for Transatlantic Relations book.

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September 2015
Wednesday 13:15 - 18:30

In cooperation with the International Monetary Fund

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September 2015
Thursday 13:15 - 14:30

In cooperation with IE Business School

This special roundtable is organised within the framework of the launch of IE’s International Executive Program on Government & Corporate Affairs, aimed at training Corporate Affairs Directors in global companies and associations in how to structure their Departments in multinational cities like Brussels. The...

October 2015
Thursday 10:00 - 16:00

In recent years, and in the face of numerous and interconnected global economic, climate and food crises, the concept of a green economy has been at the centre of policy and academic debates. At the EU level, a number of policy initiatives, including the EU 2020 strategy, the Roadmap to...

October 2015
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:30

The ECMI Annual Conference is a landmark event in Brussels that brings together policy-makers, academics and international experts to discuss challenges for European capital-markets integration policies and global financial reforms. This year's conference will discuss how EU institutions can set long-term goals against the background of highly volatile market conditions....

October 2015
Wednesday 13:15 - 18:00

This conference in cooperation with NERA Economic Consulting, will examine the competitive dynamics of digital markets, and the extent to which current economic models used to assess competition deliver sound results. The conference will also focus on the European Commission’s Digital Single Market consultation and its review...

More than two years in the making, the agreement concluded by China, the EU, France, Germany, Russia, the UK and the US with Iran to prevent the ‘weaponisation’ of the latter’s nuclear programme is a big deal. But it is not the silver bullet to the normalisation of relations. This...
For decades, the roughly 29 million Kurds living in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria have been regarded primarily as a threat to the territorial integrity of those states and thus to the stability of the Middle East. In a seminar co-hosted by CEPS and the Brussels office of the Stiftung...
A series of barriers needs to be tackled to successfully achieve a digital single market, which poses various regulatory and cultural challenges. Following the discussions on copyright and the e-commerce sector inquiry launched by the European Commission, a Digital Forum seminar, organised on July 9th and chaired by Colin Blackman...
The book Parochial Global Europe: 21st century trade politics , by A. R. Young and J. Peterson was launched at CEPS on July 3rd. The authors argued that despite Europe’s recent economic troubles, it is still in a powerful position to shape the way in which globalisation is governed. Surprisingly...
Among the many responses to the financial crisis, the most novel so far has been the insistence on creating resolution frameworks for the financial sector. For each bank there must now be detailed recovery and resolution plans readily available. A set of terms and conditions envisaged for the banking sector...

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