Task Force on Rebranding Capital Markets Union: First Meeting

With 3 building blocks, 7 key areas of priority and 42 policy actions, has the Capital Markets Union (CMU) project been successful in delivering deeper and more integrated capital markets in the EU? The opinions on progress (or lack thereof) are certainly mixed. The CMU remains as relevant as ever for EU-27 but it needs re-branding, re-focusing, new energy and momentum, as well as political support.​

To this end, CEPS and ECMI are inviting policymakers, industry representatives and academics to take part in a special Task Force chaired by Vítor Constâncio, former Vice-President of the European Central Bank. The Task Force aims aims at:

1. taking stock of what has been achieved so far since the adoption of the CMU Action Plan in September 2015; 
2. identify areas to which priority should be given by the next Commission;
3. put forward a list of concrete and innovative policy recommendations.

Click here for the detailed agenda.

For the prospectus and the registration form, please visit our dedicated webpage.

NOTE: The participation is limited to the task force members, academic/policy/industry observers and selected invitees. If interested in attending, please contact Apostolos Thomadakis.

December 2018


Jung Lichtenberger
Deputy Head of Unit, DG FISMA, European Commission
Pablo Portugal
Managing Director, Advocacy, AFME
Jean-Paul Servais
Chairman, FSMA
Alexander Popov
Principal Economist, Financial Research Division, ECB
Alexandros Seretakis
Assistant Professor in Law, Trinity College Dublin


Vítor Constâncio
former Vice President of the European Central Bank, and current President at the School Council at ISEG
Karel Lannoo
Apostolos Thomadakis
Researcher, ECMI

Task Force on Rebranding Capital Markets Union: First Meeting

December 2018
CEPS Conference room

Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels