Consumer Protection in Financial Services - The Challenges of Innovation and Capital Markets Union

While the discussions on the set-up of a Capital Markets Union have increased in intensity, the 2015 budget of European Supervisory Authorities, whose main goal is to contribute to the gradual creation of a safe and dynamic European market for financial services, has been cut significantly. In essence, these budgetary decisions re-launch the debate on the sharing of tasks between European and domestic supervisory authorities and call into question what type of financial services market is wanted for the European Union: its level of integration, the dynamism of its innovations and the appropriateness of its rules for consumer and investor protection. Against that background, ECRI and CEPS are jointly organising their first Annual Conference on Consumer/Investor Protection and Innovation in EU Financial Services on 12 May 2015 in Brussels. The objective is to provide a platform for an exchange of good practices across the various supervisors and providers of financial services and to contribute to higher regulatory consistency across the different segments of financial services. As such, the scope is relatively wide and intends to include retail financial services (credit, savings and payment), as well as investments and insurance. The programme will feature key stakeholders in the financial services sector and high-level speakers from the European institutions, national authorities, the financial industry and academia. This inaugural annual conference will first explore the risk of market dysfunctions triggered by growing innovation in banking business models. Innovation will also be debated with respect to the policy design process, especially by considering the role that the increasingly popular behavioural economics can play in the refinement of the enacted rules and the overall supervision of financial services. A third panel will address the growing possibilities offered by the processes of personal data collection in the design of better-tailored financial products to meet consumer/investor needs and the risk that these processes may infringe on consumers’ right to privacy. Finally, each year, one specific type of financial services will be singled out for in-depth coverage. This year’s conference will focus on payments and the fast process of their digitalisation and its implications for consumers, payment providers and regulators. The conference will also be the occasion to launch a new ECRI Task Force Report on household financing in the post-crisis period.

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May 2015







Sven Giegold
MEP, European Parliament
Dirk Haubrich
Head of Consumer Protection, Financial Innovation and Payments, European Banking Authority
Erik Nooteboom
Head of Retail Financial Services and Consumer Policy, European Commission
Laurent Degabriel
Head of Investment and Reporting Division, European Securities Market Authority
Karen Kerrigan
Legal and Financial Director, SEEDRS
Miguel de la Mano
Head of Unit, Economic Analysis and Evaluation, European Commission
Eric Delannoy
Chairman of the CEPS-ECRI Task Force on Household Retail Credit
Roman Inderst
Professor of Economics and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt
Christian D'Cunha
EU security and data protection expert, European Data Protection Supervisor


Karel Lannoo

Consumer Protection in Financial Services - The Challenges of Innovation and Capital Markets Union

May 2015
Please note that seating capacity for this event is limited. To ensure a fair representation of views, CEPS reserves the right to restrict the number of participants from authorities or institutions to ensure an overall balanced composition. Participation in CEPS-ECRI meetings is a benefit of CEPS, ECRI and ECMI membership. CEPS, ECRI and ECMI members register free of charge. EU and national officials, academics (including PhD students), NGOs (not representing a commercial interest) as well as press are also admitted free of charge. Other participants may be admitted for €150 (21% VAT included, payable in advance). If you have questions regarding membership or participation, please contact before registering.


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