Energy Climate House

Energy Climate House is the forum of the CEPS Energy, Resources and Climate Change Unit. It aims to stimulate discussions among both EU and non-EU stakeholders and decision-makers, where the participants feel free to discuss, analyse and communicate solutions to today’s energy, resources, climate change and geopolitical challenges.


Energy Transition Initiative

The Energy Transition Initiative frames the long-term energy and climate-related transition as an ‘innovation’ ‘beyond climate’ challenge. It develops workable, efficient and effective transition policies towards 2050 and beyond. By including a large variety of sectors and themes related to energy, it takes into account that borders between sectors are increasingly blurred. It operates both through publications and specialised focused events such as workshops to stimulate “outside the box” thinking.

The Energy Transition Initiative combines a variety of projects and revenue sources to reflect the multi-sector and multi-stakeholder focus.


Central and South East European Business Forum on Energy

Throughout the years, the CEPS Energy Climate House has carried out extensive work in Central and South-East Europe and has identified a need for closer coordination and cooperation among energy related business enterprises in the region. The Business Forum on Energy fosters information-sharing among companies operating in Central and South Eastern Europe and relevant European and national institutions to step up market integration efforts and identify policy and market challenges obstructing this process. The Forum aims to deliver results in line with European energy objectives and create an environment that maximises business opportunities.


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