Winter School: From Uber to Amazon Mechanical Turk: Non-traditional labour markets driven by technological and organisational change

Technology is a powerful driver for change in the world of labour. Two recent but rapidly growing phenomena are of particular interest: the sharing economy and crowd-sourcing. More specifically, we are interested in the labour aspects of the so-called ‘on-demand economy’: Does it lead to a growth in the share of freelance workers? What are the working conditions of crowd-sourced workers? What makes Uber and AirB&B so controversial? Should we adapt our definitions of labour to fit these new challenges? Is there a blurring of the line between work and leisure in the shared economies' activities?

These are the questions that young researchers and policy-makers will address in the 3rd INGRID Winter School, to take place at CEPS on 23-25 November. If you would like to present new research on this issue, please follow the instructions available at . The deadline for applications is September 15th.