What We Can Learn from the Nordic Model

INTERECONOMICS, Vol 53, No.4 July/August 2018                                                                                                                             

Forum: What We Can Learn from the Nordic Model

Considered role models for governance, equality, and social and economic policy, the Nordic countries rank near the top of every quality of living standard survey worldwide. The state welfare system, access to quality education and wage equality characterise the Nordic model and contribute to the countries’ continued growth and prosperity. But they also face challenges due to ageing populations, increasing inequality and digitalisation. What are the lessons to be learned from the Nordic countries? How can the Nordic model help shape future economic policy in Europe? How will the Nordic countries confront the challenges to their system? This Forum examines various angles and provides relevant applications for the future. 

Forum: The Nordic Model of Economic Development and Welfare: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
By Roberto Iacono

Forum: The Nordic Model and Structural Change: Lessons from the Collapse of Saab Automobile AB
By Mark T. Nance and Jack Daly

Forum: Social Corporatism and Capital Accumulation: The Fate of the Nordic Model
By Jonathan Perraton

Forum: Elitism in Higher Education and Inequality: Why Are the Nordic Countries So Special?
By Elise S. Brezis

Forum: The Success of the Nordic Countries as a Blueprint for Small Open Economies
By Johannes Tiemer

Editorial: EU Policies for Refugee Protection and Immigration: Cooperation is Key
By Matthias Lücke

Letter from America: Trump: Reckless Free Trader or Genuine Protectionist? 
By Edward Alden


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