What is a platform and should they be regulated?

With ‘platformisation’ rapidly transforming every sector of the economy, some observers have called for regulatory intervention to frame the digital ecosystem. Participants at a CEPS Digital Forum seminar, organised on November 17th with support from the Computer and Communications Association (CCIA), looked at evidence concerning the nature and activities of online platforms and their interaction with each other. The first session, chaired by Colin Blackman (Director, CEPS Digital Forum) featured presentations by Thibault Larger (Oxera) and Nicolai van Gorp (e-Conomics), who explored the complexity of discerning a useful definition that could capture both commonality and diversity. The second session looked at whether existing law and its enforcement are still effective in the context of platforms, and was moderated by James Waterworth (CCIA) with presentations by Mark Hiley (The Analyst) and Alfonso Lamadrid de Pablo (EU Competition Law Department, Garrigues). A summary report is available here.