Virtual Centre of Excellence for Research Support and Coordination on Societal Security (SOURCE)

CEPS participates as a partner in an FP7 Network of Excellence called SOURCE (Virtual Centre of Excellence for Research Support and Coordination on Societal Security). The network is built upon five types of activities: networking, research, information gathering, education and training, and knowledge-sharing. Through an integrated information-gathering hub, educational programmes across the security sectors and a comprehensive programme of networking activities, the SOURCE project will advance European excellence in research and industrial innovation and form the foundation for a permanent virtual centre of excellence capable of continuing to bring added-value to research on societal security. Through a broad set of concerted activities, the centre will gather experts and actors from all levels of the security chain (researchers, industry representatives, policy-makers, civil society, end-users and the public at large), all linked by a common project of documenting, analysing and understanding the link between security and the society in which it is played out.

The aim of the SOURCE Network of Excellence is to create a robust and sustainable virtual centre of excellence capable of exploring and advancing societal issues in security research and development.

CEPS’ contribution to the project consists of ensuring the policy relevance of project activities by organising policy meetings and producing policy briefs. CEPS’ research has closely followed the latest EU policy developments and the political agenda linked to societal security matters. The policy seminars and briefs have focused in particular on migration, borders, radicalisation and cybercrime.

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Contact Person: Sergio Carrera