TTIP project concludes with publication of comprehensive study

CEPS and the Center for Transatlantic Relations (CTR) in Washington, D.C. have worked together for the past two years to provide an in-depth analysis of the substance and technicalities of the ongoing TTIP negotiations. No less than 26 European and US scholars participated in the joint project, successfully overcoming the many difficulties in explaining the economic and geopolitical implications of a possible EU-US trade and investment agreement. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in a 542-page book analysing horizontal and sectoral areas dealt with in TTIP, including technical barriers to trade, regulatory cooperation, investor-state dispute settlement and public procurement, but also agro-food, chemicals, energy, services, digital and automotive. The results and insights stimulated a profound debate throughout the project, which was a welcome antidote to all the confusion, misinformation and controversies surrounding the TTIP talks. The book aims to help policy-makers and decision-makers better understand how the US and the EU can cooperate to remain rule-makers rather than becoming rule-takers in the global economy.

The project was finalised with the book launch on September 9th at CEPS. The keynote address was delivered by Ignacio Garcia Bercero, the EU's Chief Negotiator for TTIP. Concluding remarks were provided by Adam Shub, Deputy Chief of the US Mission to the EU.

Rule-Makers or Rule-Takers: Exploring the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, edited by Daniel S. Hamilton and Jacques Pelkmans, is published jointly by CEPS and Rowman & Littlefield International. The book may be downloaded in a PDF file for free at: or ordered in print at: