Thinking beyond the crisis: Future governance of migration in Europe

On June 20th, CEPS, together with the International Office of Migration (IOM) and Migration Policy Centre (MPC) of the European University Institute, hosted a high-level public event with the aim to lay out a grander vision for the governance of asylum and migration in Europe. The panellists included Eugenio Ambrosi (Regional Director for the EU, Norway and Switzerland, IOM), Theo Francken (Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration) and Andrew Geddes (Director, MPC). The debates exposed the fundamentally different positions on the governance of migration to the EU. While some panellists flagged the need to curb irregular migration first and only then to open up more legal pathways to the EU, others insisted that the EU should remain open to migration and stressed that current policies risked compromising the rights of migrants. The main challenges are to a) steer migration governance towards more evidence-based policies, b) restore trust in EU migration policies by addressing EU citizens’ concerns over safety and c) ensure that EU migration and asylum policies abide by European values and human rights. CEPS, in cooperation with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and the MPC, actively contributes to the debate within its MEDAM project. Download the project’s latest assessment report here.

This event was sponsored by the IOM Development Fund and the US State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.