Review of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

CEPS Task Force Report:
Reviewing the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Priorities for Short-Term Implementation of the Second Round of Allocation (Part I + II)
Authors: Christian Egenhofer & Noriko Fujiwara

After taking stock of the EU ETS, the report examines the need and potential for short-term adaptation of the second round of allocation and makes concrete and operational recommendations to EU member states and the European Commission.

Date Published: 1 Dec 2005 (part1); 1 March 2006 (part2)

Pages: 43 (part 1); 44 (part 2) 

David Hone, Vice President Climate Change, Shell International
Lasse Nord, Senior Vice President, Climate & Environment, Norsk Hydro


Christian Egenhofer, CEPS Senior Fellow
Noriko Fujiwara, CEPS Fellow



1st meeting: 13 April 2005
2nd meeting: 24 May 2005
3rd meeting: 15 June 2005
4th meeting: 21 Sept 2005

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