The Reinfeldt Initiative


How can Europe address youth unemployment, increase labour market participation and ensure continued financing of the welfare system, when more and more people will live to be 100 years old? In response to these challenging questions, former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (2006-2014) has developed a 12-point plan, which he presented to a diverse audience, including his former cabinet member Cecilia Malmström, who had gathered at CEPS on June 3rd. His plan, which features life-long learning and integrating migrants, aims to achieve a sustainable increase in the number of jobs in Europe. The stimulating event was chaired by Elsa Fornero, former Minister of Labour of Italy, Honorary Fellow in the Collegio Carlo Alberto and Chair of Economics at the University of Turin. In commenting upon the Reinfeldt Initiative, she emphasised that it all depends on the political feasibility of the reforms, referring in particular to the Macron law in France.