Publications Team

Anne Harrington
Editor & Head of Publications
Responsible for: Editing, proof-reading, marketing and printing CEPS’ publications.
(+32/2) 229.39.59
Languages: English, French

Jackie West
Responsible for: Editing, proof-reading, and printing CEPS’ publications
(+32/2) 229.39.29
Languages: English, French, German

Kathleen King
Responsible for: Editing and proof-reading, CEPS’ publications
(+32/2) 229.39.11
Languages: English, French

Els Van den Broeck
Design & layout specialist
Responsible for: Preparation of publications for print; formatting, design and layout, administrative and human resources
(+32/2) 229.39.24
Languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish

Margarita Minkova
Publications Coordinator
Responsible for: Sales, book reviews, copyright, book orders, formatting
(+32/2) 229.39.20
Languages: English, French, Russian, Bulgarian