Press Releases 2011

The euro is still popular in times of crisis - New CEPS study shows unwavering support for the common currency - CEPS Working Document by Felix Roth, Lars Jonung and Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D. 15 December 2011

Agreement needed on liquidity provision to restore confidence in the eurozone - 8 December 2011

IETA Founder Andrei Marcu to reinforce CEPS’ expertise in climate change - 21 October 2011

European Parliament-CEPS policy dialogue urges Council to take the right action to halt the Euro crisis - by Daniel Gros, Stefano Micossi, and Gianni Pittella, first Vice-President of the EP, 12 October 2011.

Business Models in European Banking- CEPS Paperback by Rym Ayadi, Emrah Arbak and Willem Pieter de Groen, 19 September 2011

Real growth rates in the EU-27 retail credit market have risen for the first time since the financial crisis - ECRI Statistical Package 2011 by Elina Pyykkö and Angelo Fiorante, 11 August 2011