Past Projects 2014


WHITE PAPER FOR THE IEC - (2014) CEPS supported the International Electrotechnical Commission to pepare its White Paper on techncology integration for smart cities and the central role that standards play in facilitating this process.

Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform - (2011-2014) To support the development and implementation of the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative of the SET-Plan, the European Commission contracted a consortium to establish and manage a Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform, which aims at promoting the penetration of new low carbon technologies in cities across Europe. 

AMPERE - Assessment of Climate Change Mitigation Pathways and Evaluation of the Robustness of Mitigation Cost Estimates - (2011-2014) The AMPERE project (FP7) aimed for a broad exploration of mitigation pathways and associated mitigation costs under various real world limitations, while at the same time generating a better understanding about the difference across models. 

APRAISE - Assessment of Policy Interrelationships and Impacts on Sustainability in Europe - (2011-2014) The motivation of the APRAISE project (FP7) was to improve the decision basis for EU and national policy makers for selecting an efficient environmental policy mix leading to the transition towards a sustainable European society. APRAISE aimed to provide policy makers with an improved understanding of the efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy of existing and potential environmental policies impacts and their interactions at both the European and Member State level. 

Studies for the European Parliament 

  • External Expertise for the European Parliament on Climate Change Issues. CEPS was a member of a consortium which could be called upon by the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament to provide advice in the area of climate change. (2010-2014)
  • Framework services contract Lot 2: Impact Assessment on Enterprises and Microeconomics - CEPS was contracted to provide independent external advice to the European Parliament on issues related to the internal market. (2009-2014)

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