Past Projects 2011


Innovative approaches towards EU blending mechanisms for development finance(2011) This study analysed the governance mechanisms for the new instruments blending EU grants for development aid to loans by the EIB and other European Development Finance Institutions.  

Transatlantic opportunities for meeting challenges in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies - (2010-2011) The project analysed EU and US energy technology road maps, the potential for synergies and opportunities for mutual learning and harmonisation with a focus on policy, performance, and energy R&D and associated policies aimed at enhanced energy efficiency. 

EU Transport Policy – Innovation, Integration and 21st Century Infrastructure - (2010-2011) The focus was on the following principal issues: Potential need for a hard GHG emissions target in transport at sector, mode or economy level; Link between efficient pricing and infrastructure finance; Customer responsiveness as a precondition for success; Transformation of fossil fuel based road transport: how quick and with what tools?

Studies for the European Parliament 

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