Options for a sustainable EU renewable energy policy: 5th DIACORE-CEPS policy workshop

The DIACORE project stands for “Policy Dialogue on the assessment and convergence of RES policy in EU member states” and is financed under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. A workshop at CEPS on November 12th considered policy options for making the EU’s renewable policy more sustainable, i.e. with minimal burden to society. Ivo Schmidt from the European Commission (Secretariat-General Energy Union) opened the meeting with the announcement that guidance on regional cooperation and two draft directives on electricity market design and renewables would be presented after the summer of 2016. These developments underline the relevance of the DIACORE project and its findings. DIACORE researchers presented their work on optimising economic and non-economic framework conditions; policy options to reduce the cost of capital for renewable energy projects; projections for the future market values of renewable; and the importance of understanding risks and how they affect investment decisions. 

The workshop presentations can be downloaded from diacore.eu/news-events/news/item/dia-core-policy-options-workshop