Jorge Núñez Ferrer

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Jorge Núñez Ferrer

Senior Research Fellow

Jorge Núñez Ferrer is Senior Research fellow at CEPS.

He specialises in EU budgetary and financial instruments, but has also been involved in energy policies and in particular the development of smart cities. He is also a member of the advisory group of the newly established ‘Kazarian Center for Public Financial Management’ bringing together key international specialists.

Jorge has worked as an academic, EU Commission official and consultant for governments on strategic planning for EU structural funds. He is the author of numerous studies for the EU institutions on the EU budget and financial instruments, as well as on innovation policy and smart cities. Recently he led the background study on EU resources for the High Level Group on Own Resources, steered by Mario Monti. He has recently been an independent external advisor for the European Investment Bank on the future of financial instruments. 

Jorge holds a PhD from Imperial College of the University of London.

Areas of Expertise: 
Economic Policy, EU budget, Climate and Energy Policy
PhD in Agricultural Economics (Imperial College, University of London); MSc Agricultural Economics (Wye College, University of London); BSc (honours) (London School of Economics, University of London)
English, Spanish, German, French, Italian

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