Introduction to EU Economic Governance

                                                                                 29 August - 1 September 2016

The purpose of this summer school was to present and explain how Macro Economic Governance works in the Economic and Monetary Union. With a pool of teaching staff drawn from the think tank community, academia, policy-makers and practitioners from the private sector, the IPEPS Summer School provided students with a unique experience in the capital of Europe of direct contact and networking with different professional figures they are bound to encounter in their future professional lives and that academia alone cannot offer. In terms of content, the courses looked at economic and financial governance with particular focus on the decision-making process, the rationales, the institutional design, the enforcement of EU rules and how these have changed after crisis as well as the challenges ahead.

Course format

The summer school took place at the CEPS premises in Brussels. It lasted 5 working days covering a total of 23 hours of lectures. It combined lectures with case-studies, problem-based learning activities and discussion groups. Participants who have followed the programme diligently received a certificate of attendance.

Partner universities



CEPS, 1 Place du Congrés, 1000 Brussels

What former participants say about the IPEPS Summer School

"I liked a lot of Cinzia Alcidi’s lectures - she explained things in a very clear way and I have found very useful that she often gave us the chance to interact with her as well as with each other. Moreover, I loved the lectures by Lorna Schrefler, Steven Engels and Diego Valiante, especially due to their ability to grab our attention and convey how passionate they are about their work."

"Thank you for the broad variety. I gained some good insights in complicated processes."

"I really liked the fact we all had different backgrounds. Although the majority of the participants were economists, it was always very interesting to face the problem from different points of view, and this is what made the summer school so interesting."

"I particularly enjoyed the role-play exercise because we could get a glimpse of how EU negotiations happen in practice."

Pictures from the 2016 edition