International workshop on data-driven innovations for better policies

Bureaucracy must learn to improve itself continuously. Therefore, data analytics and visualisation should play an important role, both in helping policy-makers to take smarter decisions, but also to mobilise citizens more effectively and better inform them on public policies. To support this reflection, a team of experts from Technopolis Group, the Oxford Internet Institute and CEPS are carrying out an in-depth investigation of data-driven approaches for evidence-informed policy-making, and to analyse the potential for developing a series of European-level use cases. The #data4policy workshop, held at CEPS on September 22nd, gathered data scientists, practitioners, politicians, policy-makers and civil society representatives to discuss the study results and to develop an agenda for action for the European Commission and national or international policy-makers committed to pursuing these innovative approaches. The objective was to bring together a diverse set of key actors on the topic and explore possible opportunities or pitfalls of emerging data technologies with the aim of dramatically transforming the way public policy is conceived and executed. For more information, please take a look at