Europe’s Path Towards the Socio-Ecological Transition

INTERECONOMICS,Vol 51, No.4 July/August 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Forum: A New Strategy for Europe

By Karl Aiginger and Margit Schratzenstaller

Forum: Social Investment as a Perspective on Welfare State Transformation in Europe

By Thomas Leoni

Forum: More Productive, Less Sustainable? On the Need to Consider Material Resource Flows

By Anke Schaffartzik, Dominik Wiedenhofer and Marina Fischer-Kowalski

Forum: Empowering the Green Innovation Machine

By Reinhilde Veugelers

Forum: The Climate Change Impact of Material Use

By Arno Behrens

Editorial: Brexit, Globalisation and the Future of the EU

By Steven Blockmans

Letter from America: What May Not Happen in UKexit

By Brendan O’Leary

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