Ageing in Europe

INTERECONOMICS,Vol 51, No.3 March/April 2016                                                                                                   

Forum: Financial Literacy and Preparation for Retirement

By Henriette Prast and Arthur van Soest

Forum: Why Is Austria’s Pension System So Much Better Than Germany’s?

By Florian Blank, Camille Logeay, Erik Türk, Josef Wöss and Rudolf Zwiener

Forum: The 2015 Pension Adequacy Report’s Examination of Extended Working Lives as a Route to Future Pension Adequacy

By Fritz von Nordheim

Forum: Extending Working Lives – Sticks and Carrots to Get the Older Unemployed Back into Employment

By Jürgen Bauknecht and Andreas Cebulla

Forum: New Evidence on Active Ageing in Europe

By Alan Walker and Asghar Zaidi

Editorial: The Organization and Economics of Sports Mega-Events

By Andrew Zimbalist

Letter from America: Reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Don’t Hold Your Breath

By Laurie Goodman

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