50 Years of European Integration

INTERECONOMICS,Vol 51, No.1  January/February 2016                                                                                                                         

Forum: Europe’s Place in the Global Economy – What Does the Last Half Century Suggest for the Future?

By Mikkel Barslund and Daniel Gros

Forum: Why Did Europe Decide to Move to a Single Currency 25 Years Ago?

By Niels Thygesen

Forum: On the Relation of Monetary and Political Union

By Otmar Issing

Forum: The Eurozone’s Flaws Are Not Intrinsic

By Simon Wren-Lewis

Forum: Minimal Conditions for the Survival of the Euro

By Barry Eichengreen and Charles Wyplosz

Forum: A Strategy Change for Europe: Old Myths Versus New Roads

By Karl Aiginger

Forum: What Future for the EU in the Global Trading System?

By Pascal Lamy

Forum: Europe and China in the Global Economy in the Next 50 Years: A Partnership for Global Peace and Stability

By Li-Gang Liu

Editorial: Five Decades of Economic Policy Debate

By Ernst Niemeier

Letter from America: European Integration from Washington’s Perspective

By Anders Aslund

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