Green Growth

INTERECONOMICS, Vol 47, No. 3, May/June 2012                                                                                                                                                              

Forum: Green Growth

By John Zysman, Mark Huberty, Arno Behrens, Bert Colijn, Richard S.J. Tol, Jorge Nuñez Ferrer, Michel Aglietta, Jean-Charles Hourcade

Green growth is now a central theme of the international climate change negotiations. The Rio+20 Conference in June will concentrate on green growth as one of its main priorities. The Europe 2020 strategy has identified green growth as a fundamental pillar of EU economic policy. This Forum takes stock of the academic discussion and examines the theoretical and empirical underpinning of the concepts of green growth and employment through environmental policy.

Editorial: The Eurozone Crisis and Citizens Shattered Systemic Trust

By Felix Roth

Article: Can Austerity Be Self-defeating?

By Daniel Gros and Rainer Maurer

With European governments cutting back on spending, many are asking whether this could make matters worse. In the UK for instance, recent OECD estimates suggest that “austerity” will lead to another recession, which in turn may lead to a higher debt-to-GDP ratio than before. As the debate heats up, the following two articles attempt to provide some cool economic logic.

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