Europe 2020 – A Promising Strategy?

INTERECONOMICS, Vol 45, No. 3 May/June 2010                                                                                         

Forum: Europe 2020 – A Promising Strategy?

by A. Bongardt, F. Torres, P. Pochet, I. Begg, L. Csaba, K. Lannoo, L. Soete, C. Egenhofer

In March, the European Commission released its Europe 2020 strategy proposal, which strives for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” and greater policy coordination between the EU and national governments. While the document was greeted with scepticism in some quarters, others believe it lays out the path to continued European prosperity and social cohesion. This Forum examines the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy.

Editorial: ECB Bond Purchases and Quasi-fiscal Activities

by A. Belke

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