Inquiries into the CIA rendition and secret detention programme

Elspeth Guild and Raluca Radescu presented the main findings of a new CEPS study entitled “A Quest for Accountability? EU and Member States’ inquiries into the CIA Rendition and Secret Detention Programme” at the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee on October 13th. The report, which was commissioned by DG IPOL of the EP, examines the latest developments on these issues in light of the judgments by the European Court of Human Rights against Poland and the release of the US Senate Select Intelligence Committee Report on the CIA extraordinary renditions programme. In its assessment of the state of play concerning accountability for the CIA operations in five European states, the study concludes that profound failures of the rule of law took place in most EU member states and that no effective investigation was conducted into their complicity with the CIA.