Inclusive growth in Europe

It has been nearly a decade since the outbreak of the crisis, yet people across Europe are still suffering under the consequences, which include reduced living standards as well as increased inequalities and poverty. These issues were at the heart of the InGRID research infrastructure project, which aimed to integrate and innovate existing but distributed European social sciences research infrastructure to support comparative research on Europe’s policies on inclusive growth. In InGRID, the focus was on social in- or exclusion, vulnerability-at-work, and related social and labour market policies. As such, the project aspired to contribute to the achievement of the goals stipulated in the ‘Europe 2020’ strategy. A conference on January 17th, under the banner “Better science infrastructure for evidence-based policies on inclusive growth in Europe”, marked the conclusion of the InGRID project. At the event, the CEPS Jobs & Skills research unit presented its work on identifying new jobs and skills using web-based data sources. CEPS’ presentation and project papers are available for downloading here: Over 150 academics, policy-makers and experts participated in the event.