Implementing the Security Union: The European Commission’s priorities and next steps


CEPS invited Commissioner Julian King to come to CEPS on June 19th to present the Commission’s priorities for the Security Union. In view of recent terrorist events, particularly in the Commissioner’s home member state of the UK, he underlined the relevance of building the Security Union in an effective and sustainable way. It was highlighted that terrorism is not a new phenomenon in Europe, but the increased visibility through the internet and social media changes their dynamics. The European Commission focuses on EU added value to prevent and combat terrorism, respond to radicalisation and strengthen cybersecurity. Commissioner King outlined several policy initiatives and mechanisms that the Commission is developing. In the area of counter-radicalisation, for example, there is a focus on tackling hate speech online and producing counter narratives. In addition, the interoperability of IT systems in the field of security is a key priority. In the ensuing discussions with the audience, the Commissioner highlighted, among other things, the importance of private-sector involvement, the necessity to increase the quality of shared data, as well as the potential implications of Brexit. The well-attended event stimulated an open exchange of views on the Security Union and raised some challenges of newly proposed measures in light of the EU’s fundamental values.

This event took place in the context of the ‘SOURCE’ Network of Excellence, a project financed by the EU FP7 programme.