House of Commons taps CEPS expertise on Brexit

The House of Commons Committee for Exiting the EU has launched an overarching inquiry into the progress of the UK’s negotiations on withdrawing from the EU. The Committee has now begun to examine the trade agreements the EU has entered into with various countries around the world to draw possible lessons for the future relationship between the UK and EU.

Michael Emerson, Associate Senior Research Fellow at CEPS, and his external colleague Tamara Kovziridze, co-founder of Reformatics, were invited by the Committee to give oral evidence in a two-hour session on January 31st. Their presentation was entirely devoted to the possible relevance of the three Associated Agreements that the EU has negotiated with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, which include Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas. These agreements have been the focus of a multi-year research project led by CEPS and involving teams of researchers from independent think tanks in the three countries.

Watch the whole proceedings, which are broadcast on 'BBC parliament live' here