The future of EU research and innovation policy


It is increasingly recognised that an openness to both science and the world at large will have a strong impact on Europe’s innovation performance, growth and competitiveness. On May 15th, Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, joined members of the Commission's high-level group on Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts (RISE) at CEPS for a debate on EU research policy, prompted by the publication of the report “Europe's Future: Open innovation, open science, and open to the world”. It was generally agreed that greater efforts need to be taken to explain science to the broader public in order to ensure that scientific advancements and breakthroughs are more fully appreciated by all. Scientists were urged to get out of their silos to distribute the benefits of their work more broadly and equitably. The event served as an excellent occasion in which to debate the EU's R&D policy, which is the 3rd most important item in the EU's budget.