FLAGSHIP project holds final conference: Investigating grand societal challenges

On December 16th, CEPS hosted the final conference of the FLAGSHIP project, which examined policies, scenarios and models to sustainably address the greatest challenges facing society.

After closely analysing the state-of-the-art in forward-looking analysis and working extensively with innovative quantitative and qualitative methods for assessing these grand challenges, the project attempted to combine findings from various models on economic and environmental dynamics with an analysis of global-legal and local governance under two contrasting visions of the future of Europe and driven by different paradigms. The first vision is driven by mainstream conventional thinking based on projections of current trends. In contrast, the second vision is bolder and more normative in nature and assumes that a fundamental and systemic change is needed to build a future that is more just, environmentally healthy and generally more legitimate. In drawing its conclusions, the project attempted to bridge insights from both the research with policy-making worlds. The main findings from the project were presented at the conference and fed into an intensive discussion with international experts, academics and policy-makers on how alternative futures for the EU can be shaped.

The FLAGSHIP project was started in 2012 and received funding from the European Commission. For more information, click here