First roadmap meeting of the POCACITO project

CEPS is leading the roadmapping process of the Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow (POCACITO) project, financed by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme. The first meeting of the roadmap group, composed of a small group of representatives of cities and specialists in the field, took place on March 11th at CEPS. The city representatives also had the opportunity to visit the Committee of the Regions (COR) and speak about the future of cities with a member of the COR, Andreev Svetlozar, who has extensive experience with on the kind of study POCACITO is performing.

The workshop was dedicated to a discussion of the rationale of the roadmap and the interactive way in which the document will be prepared, involving the active participation of all participants. The workshop concluded with a visit to the first ecological commercial shopping building in Europe, Cameleon, a clothing and home decor storeA. The group was welcomed by the Executive Director and co-owner of the building, Augustin Wigny, who gave the group a fascinating insight into the challenges of creating such an eco-building.