EuroCPR 2016 - Content Creation and Distribution in the Digital Single Market

The European Commission recently acknowledged in its Digital Single Market Strategy the growing importance of creating an environment that was favourable towards content creation and distribution. Priority therefore is now being given to content-related policy initiatives such as reforming copyright law, evaluating the ‘fitness’ of legislation on audio-visual media services and taking action against detrimental geo-blocking practices that limit cross-border access to content. At the same time, concerns about the role of intermediaries are being tackled through antitrust investigations and sectoral inquiries (e.g. on e-commerce) and through an online public consultation. All these efforts are likely to usher in a new wave of policy measures aimed at ensuring that the Digital Single Market is increasingly a place in which content can be created, attract funding and flow seamlessly across countries, in a way that stimulates the interests of creators while giving access to diverse content to end users. These and many other related topics will be explored at the 31st European Communications Policy Research Conference (EuroCPR), which brings together academic researchers, business representatives and policy-makers to contribute constructively and critically to European information society policy developments.


For more information and programme, see this link.