EU Enlargement Policy: How to restore credibility

Following the eagerly awaited publication of the European Commission’s annual “Enlargement Package”, CEPS, in cooperation with the European Commission, organised a debate on November 16th with Simon Mordue, Director for Strategy and Turkey at DG for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiation. Mordue presented the key changes in this year’s package, including an “overarching strategy for the next four years” (coinciding with the remainder of the Commission’s mandate), “much clearer guidance to the countries on what they have to focus on in the year ahead”, as well as on the “longer-term results that are needed to meet EU expectations”. When mapping out the Commission’s evaluation of (potential) candidate countries, Mordue stressed the importance of cooperation beyond EU borders, particularly in view of the current refugee crisis. In a CEPS Commentary, Erwan Fouéré offers his assessment of what Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn called the “new elements” in the 2015 EU Enlargement Strategy, see:’s-enlargement-strategy-2015-will-‘new-elements’-make-difference