Energy and Climate Change - Task Forces

Past Task Forces 

Reforming the Market Design of EU Electricity Markets 2014

CEPS Carbon Market Forum: Review of EU ETS Issues 2012

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Carbon Market Forum: post-2020 EU Climate Policy  2013

Building the Business Case for Smart Grids in Europe  2013

CEPS Carbon Market Forum: CDM Policy Review 2012-2013

CEPS Carbon Market Forum: New Market Mechanisms under the UNFCCC 2012-2013

Which Economic Model for a Water-Efficient Europe 2012

Does the revised EU ETS Market produce the 'right' price signal? 2011-2012

The EU Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan: From concept to practice 2010-2011

Transport and Climate Change 2011

The carbon market after Copenhagen: challenges and the way forward for the EU 2010-2011

EU and Global Climate Change Policy and the Increasing Role of Cities 2009-2010

Securing European Energy Supplies: Making the Right Choices 2009-2010

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Benchmarking in the EU ETS and Beyond 2009

CDM and post-2012 Flexible Mechanisms 2008-2009

Sectoral industry approaches to address climate change 2007-2008

EU ETS Review II: Completing the Review of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme 2007-2008

EU Climate Change Strategy and the Gleneagles Plan of Action: The G8 + 5 Climate Change Dialogue 2006-2008

Review of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme 2005-2006

Market Stimulation of Renewables-based Electricity in the Internal Market 2005

Towards a coherent EU climate change strategy for beyond Kyoto: How the EU can provide international leadership 2004-2005

Rethinking the EU Regulatory Strategy for the Internal Energy Market 2003-2004

The Business Consequences of the Emerging EU Emissions Trading Scheme 2003-2004

The Emerging EU Emissions Trading Framework in the Global Arena 2002-2004

Emissions trading and the new EU climate change policy 2001-2002

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