Dynamic platform competition in digital markets

With some member states becoming more vocal on the need to regulate online platforms, the Commission has launched a series of public consultations to better understand the development of E-commerce and notably the interactions between online platforms and third parties along the value-chain. In the context of convergence between telephony and computing on the one hand, and the emergence of new media intermediaries on the other, NERA Economic Consulting and CEPS partnered to examine the competitive dynamics of digital markets, increasingly marked by ‘platformisation’ and ‘multi-sidedness’. This conference, held on October 21st, and co-chaired by Andrea Renda (CEPS) and Christian Dippon and Jeanne Lubek (NERA), gathered industry representatives, academics and policy-makers to discuss a wide range of topics from the potential impact of regulatory actions on competition and investment to the role of data as a new currency. The debate mainly focused on whether regulators should prepare themselves to overhaul the Telecommunications Regulatory Framework and how to rethink EU competition policy in a more horizontal way, in order to better fit the dynamics of today’s layered market structure.