Digital Update

CEPS is reinforcing and upgrading its work on digital policy. Within the Regulatory Policy unit, we’ve long realised the key role played by the internet in the economy, politics and society. It now represents the regulatory front line and Europe is taking the global lead in proposing how policy-makers should deal with its powerful, often disruptive impacts. William Echikson is taking over our flagship Digital Forum. A veteran Brussels-based journalist, Mr Echikson worked for six and a half years at Google, during which time he concentrated on many of the giant company’s most difficult issues, ranging from the launch of the Chrome browser, the fight over Google Books and the battle over the Right to be Forgotten. The CEPS Digital Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform aimed at raising the level of debate about the policy challenges that arise from the European Commission's Digital Single Market strategy. Under Mr. Echikson’s leadership, we hope to expand its outreach by publishing additional opinion pieces and improving our presence on social media. See the video produced from his Digital Frontrunners event at the recent CEPS Ideas Lab. Mr Echikson has also begun contributing articles to Project Syndicate and Huffington Post.  

The CEPS Regulatory Policy unit is also launching a new Cybersecurity Project, directed by Lorenzo Pupillo, former Executive Director in the Public Affairs Unit of Telecom Italia and Affiliated Researcher at Columbia Institute for Tele-Information. An economist by training, he has advised the World Bank in Washington and  served as an adjunct Professor of Economics of ICTs at University of Rome, La Sapienza. Enhancing the security of cyberspace is a critical issue for governments, companies and citizens alike. Internet-fuelled interconnectedness brings opportunities but also new vulnerabilities. Statistics show that the number and severity of cyber-security incidents are soaring. Cybersecurity@CEPS will promote research, conferences and other collaborative efforts with the European institutions and other think tanks and universities.