Digital ecosystem and economy in Latin America


The aim of this seminar was to launch a dialogue on the need to modernise public policies for the development of the digital ecosystem in Latin America. Organised in cooperation with Telefonica and chaired by Colin Blackman (CEPS) the seminar took place on April 26th. In his presentation Professor Raul Katz of Columbia University drew on the recent study entitled The Digital Ecosystem and Economy in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities. In describing the structure and scale of Latin America’s digital ecosystem, Professor Katz highlighted a shift in the industry: from providing connectivity to the delivery of information, and outlined emerging business models. He went on to explore the social and economic context for the formulation of public policies that could foster the development of a digital ecosystem, before discussing specific public policies – and the role of governments – to promote the development of a digital economy in Latin America. Remarks by Linda Corugedo Steneberg (DG Connect, European Commission), responsible for the international dimension of the Digital Single Market Strategy, and Juan Jung (Director for Regulatory Studies, Asociación Interamericana de Empresas de Telecomunicaciones) stimulated discussion among participants on the potential parallels between the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy and the development of digital policies in Latin America. For more information, see here.